My name is Nicki, and I am a qualified and experienced graphic designer who has worked freelance, contract and for design agencies for over 10 years.  I have worked for companies of all shapes and sizes as my main business, Mrs P Creative.  Before I qualified in Graphic Design I worked in Marketing for a large and prestigious UK company, and before that I was a cartographer for that same company.  So I have a great deal of experience in many areas as a backdrop to my design practice. I am passionate about communication and believe that working closely with my client is the only way to achieve great results.

So why Portfolioo?  Well, I now work exclusively on freelance and commission work and I enjoy combining my graphic design and art and craft skills to earn a living – this gives me a good work/life balance, which has become very important to me.

I became aware that there are many people in the same position, wanting a life where they can earn a living doing something that fulfils them as well as paying the bills.  These are small businesses, start-ups and individuals who might have a limited budget for setting up the branding and marketing side of their enterprise.  A professional ‘bells and whistles’ website, for example, can cost thousands and certainly hundreds of pounds, which is way beyond many people’s budgets.  However, it is something that is worth doing properly, albeit on a basic level – it will set your business apart. A start up business typically might  need a logo, business stationery, a simple web site and help with integrating social media.

These days, with the proliferation of free and cheap design and instant website packages its easy to imagine that one can set up all these things for themselves with the press of a few buttons!  Its actually not that easy to do effectively and to know how to achieve the best result using these kinds of packages, as many people find out when they attempt it!

I realised that I can offer this service at a realistic price to suit a small budget, using the basic template based software, but with the experience and skill of my profession to make the best job possible.  Head over to my Portfolioo page to see what packages I am offering.

In order to test my theory I decided to set up this Portfolioo website using the more accessible WordPress.com software (professionals wouldn’t usually use these types of packages).  This site is hosted directly with WordPress.com, and I have just a basic personal plan at £2.50pm and am using one of the free themes.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how much can be done to make the site look unique and effective, and essentially fit for purpose.  Ditto for packages such as Wix and SquareSpace.

And of course, if it turns out you have a larger budget and more sophisticated requirements, or your business takes off like a rocket, I have the the skill and experience to move your business forward with more sophisticated and complex solutions under Mrs P Creative.

At the same time I enjoy art working in all sorts of other creative directions.  I particularly enjoy mixed media textiles and have developed a range of commissioned art dolls and hounds  – So Gingerly.  So if thats your thing you can see details of  my So Gingerly hounds and other artworks here and on my Facebook  page.

I’d love to hear from you, just contact me to discuss your needs and we can work on a solution together!