If you have read About me, you will probably be here because you are an individual, start up or small business needing good graphic design solutions on a limited budget.
In order to make things easy I have devised a series of packages as a starting point.  Obviously every persons requirements will be different and it may be that you need more or less than the package.  No problem, we can negotiate a price based on your unique requirements.
Web design in particular is complex and there are many options available.  The web package is designed for people who want a web presence, but don’t need the ‘bells and whistles’ approach. Maybe a few informative pages, designed in a clear and attractive way to maximise your business impact.
I can also work for you on any kind of print media projects such as flyers, leaflets, catalogues and so on, on an hourly basis.  Contact me to discuss your requirements.

The packages

Web cost

Logo cost

Stationery cost

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